:: RCAI Class 3 Digital Signature

RCAI Class 3 Digital Signature is the highest level of the certificates. This certificate provides high security in online transactions. It is issued by a licensed certifying authority. Class 3 DSC is mostly used for GST, ITR, MCA filing, Company Incorporation, Trademark, and IPR registration, EPFO works. It can be issued to both an individual and organizations.

RCAI Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate: A digital signature is equivalent to a paper / handwritten signature in an electronic form that confirms the identity of the sender for online information. It comes with a USB token that looks like a pen drive, in which the signature is stored and can be used with a computer. It is a multipurpose DSC mostly used on a government portal for authentication and verification of users.

Class 3 Signature is mainly used on most Govt. portals such as:

  • Income tax returns (ITR) filing
  • GST return
  • MCA filing
  • IPR registration
  • Trademark filing
  • For EPFO Website
  • All Banking Transactions
  • Online Tenders

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