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:: Managed PKI Service – Individual Certificate

The SafeScrypt Managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services help establish and authenticate a user's identity when conducting business across the Internet as well as protect the integrity and privacy of data and information transmitted.

Our Managed PKI puts the enterprise in control of the issuance, administration and revocation features of digital certificates. SafeScrypt's Managed PKI is fully outsourced and is easily integrated with popular desktop applications and systems, allowing enterprises to immediately take advantage of a secure, highly scalable and reliable infrastructure.

Our Managed PKI services are managed through our high security processing centre at TIDEL Park, Chennai. This world-class facility is compliant with stringent norms laid down by the Indian Information Technology Act 2000. Logical and physical security for our PKI Service Infrastructure were designed, evaluated, and audited by the leading authorities in the field.

Managed PKI allows you to cost effectively establish a robust, customised PKI and Certificate Authority (CA) system for issuing digital credentials throughout your enterprise. This then allows your users and business partners to securely access e-mail, networks, VPN, ERP, extranets, portals, and other applications.

Our MPKI solution gives you a choice of using the SafeScrypt CA RCAI hierarchy or private enterprise hierarchy. Certificates issued under SafeScrypt CA RCAI hierarchy are legally valid Class 2 Certificates under the Indian IT Act 2000.

features and benefits

  • Fast to Deploy - A fully operational PKI can be up and running within a few days.
  • Low Cost of Ownership - Reduce costs by using a fully managed service with minimal integration effort delivered through a highly redundant infrastructure, ensuring complete business and application continuity.
  • Scalability - SafeScrypt's Managed PKI service scales smoothly from hundreds to millions of users. Companies pay only for the number of digital certificates required.
  • Policy and Risk Management - SafeScrypt processes meet the most exacting standards, supported by liability sharing and insurance protection as well as independently evaluated and audited cryptographic materials management processes and secured records.
  • Secure, Reliable Operations - SafeScrypt provides binding service-level agreements backed by a high-security facility with specially trained, screened personnel, redundant systems, customer support for mission-critical PKI needs, disaster recovery, and full audit and archiving.