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:: Personal File Signer

SafeScrypt offers desktop-based Personal File Signer that enable you to create Digital Signatures or Encrypt any type of electronic document or file.


  • These certificates are intended to be used exclusively for access control purposes and shall not be used to send and receive secure E-mail.
  • A unique name appears in these certificates to distinguish them from other types of Class 1 certificates
  • Revocation at the request of a subscriber is not supported.
  • The operational period of these certificates will be not less than ten (10) years. Other Class 1 certificates are issued with a one-year validity period.


  • Lightweight Signing Tool
    Personal file Signer is a lightweight digital signing tool and is used at the places where the file size is the critical issue.
  • Digitally sign the Document
    Documents signed using Personal File Signer are legally enforceable ensuring the data integrity, signer authenticity and providing non-repudiation
  • Allows adopting Paperless Environment
    Personal File Signer allows easy shift from the paper-based processes to completely paperless ones, making them efficient and cost effective
  • Compliant Product
    Personal File Signer is compliant with Indian IT Act 2000
  • Speedy ROI
    Using Personal File Signer reduces the cost on the paper, printing, handling, storing, faxing, and courier. It also enables the speedy approvals and decision-making and guarantees a quick ROI