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:: Transaction Security Gateway

Transaction Security Gateway is digital signature gateway software, to make PKI solutions for Internet applications easy and quick to deploy

Built on the core philosophy of "Zero Touch" deployment, Transaction Security Gateway fits seamlessly into any online application environment without requiring any change to the web application or to the end-customer interface

Key Functions

  • Certificate Validation Engine
  • Signature Archival
  • Access Control List
  • OTP Validation Engine
  • OTP Generation Engine
  • Reports & Logs


  • No integration at the source level making deployments simple and fast
  • Configurable to Internet Application’s specific authentication and signature needs
  • Isolates business logic from security enabling independence of both
  • Supports Multi Factor Authentication (Digital Certificate, Hard Token, SMS, Mobile Token)
  • Protects multiple applications
  • Works with certificates from multiple certifying authority
  • Complies with Indian IT Act 2000 and international digital signature standards
  • OATH compliant OTP software
  • Work with OATH compliant Hardware Tokens