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:: Do’s & Don’ts of Digital Certificate


  • Generate Digital Certificate on cryptographic token
  • Use difficult-to-guess passwords while initializing your USB Token and while enrolling for your Digital Certificate. Never leave the Digital Certificate password blank when your enroll for your Digital Certificate
  • Make sure you remember the Challenge Phrase password you gave while enrolling for your certificate. The Challenge Phrase is required for revoking your Digital Certificate
  • Use the Digital Certificate only for Authorized and Legal purposes
  • If you suspect your certificate has been tampered with or stolen, Revoke your Digital Certificate immediately using challenge phrase or contact SafeScrypt


  • Do not shared your Digital Certificate with anyone
  • Do not reveal your Digital Certificate password to anyone
  • Do not Challenge Phrase Password to anyone
  • Do not share your cryptographic token with anyone
  • Do not initialize your cryptographic token if it contain valid certificate