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:: Managed PKI Service – SSL Certificate

VeriSign Managed PKI for SSL (MPKI for SSL) Certificate Service Now from Symantec is designed for managing SSL Certificates throughout even the largest company. MPKI for SSL is ideal for companies that need to deploy SSL Certificates to ten or more servers.

MPKI for SSL offers

A feature-rich portal that simplifies management of the entire life-cycle of SSL Certificates

  • Web-based management for easy setup, configuration and deployment
  • Issue SSL Certificates to multiple servers instantly and on demand
  • Comprehensive support for SSL Certificates including Extended Validation (EV), SGC, SAN for Unified Communications, and
  • Code Signing Certificates

Centralized management across multiple business units and/or subsidiaries

  • Consolidate purchasing across the businesses to reduce costs
  • Enterprise-wide visibility to enhance control and reduce risk of down-time
  • Customizable certificate requisition workflow with delegated administration
  • Robust reporting and audit trails

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