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:: Secure e-Statement Solution

An organization may be generating a host of e-statements that need to be sent to customers. SafeScrypt CA addresses the security and legal requirements for delivering these statements to customers with its Secure e-Statements solution.

Secure e-Statement addresses the following concerns:

  • Authentication of sender: To verify and ensure the identity of the originator of e-mail message.
  • Integrity of e-mail message: To ensure that the e-mail message is not tampered or modified
  • Non-Repudiation: To ensure that recipients have a proof of origin of the message. This can be archived for Audit and Legal purposes
  • Confidentiality: To ensure that the e-mail message is secure and read only by the intended users

As per the Indian Information Technology Act 2000, digital signatures have the same status as physical, paper-based signatures, if they are created using Digital Certificates issued by a licensed Certifying Authority like SafeScrypt CA

Key Features

  • Compose of e-Statement files in HTML/PDF formats using any template as required
  • Digitally Signs e-statement files using pre-configured Digital Certificate
  • Encrypts each e-statement file using a pre-shared password of the recipient
  • Composes e-mails with e-statement attachments and cover-pages that are customised and user-friendly
  • Digitally signs e-mails with pre-configured Digital Certificate of an authorised personnel
  • Keeps track of bounced mails
  • Advanced reporting and user management facilities for easy administration of the application
  • Decryption functionality built into HTML e-statements so that customers do not have to download any other application for decryption
  • PDF e-statements support native PDF Digital Signatures and Encryption and require customer to have only free Adobe Reader
  • Uses high strength cryptographic algorithms such as 3DES, AES, RSA, SHA1 etc and follows PKCS standards

Typical Usage Scenarios

  • B&F sector: For e-Statements, e-Reports, Contract Notes sent to the clients
  • Telecom sector: For the bills and reports sent to the clients
  • Insurance Sector: For the insurance policies generated on the server, which can be electronically sent to end customer
  • Signing e-Invoices: For signing and sending the e-Invoices and Purchase orders
  • Other: e-documents generated in bulk and need digital signature authentication