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:: Secure Messaging

Our trusted messaging solutions provide end-to-end security for highly confidential information communicated via electronic mail or other electronic messaging methods. Our solutions easily enable employees to encrypt and digitally sign their e-mail messages ensuring a high level of confidentiality for your enterprise's intellectual capital and personal information. Not only does signing emails provide confidentiality, but helps prevent spoofing of emails

These industry-standard packages for electronic communications include native support for digital certificates. Digital certificates that are trusted by Web browsers and mail clients allow users to digitally sign e-mails and encrypt their contents and attachments, protecting messages from being read or tampered with by online intruders

Trusted messaging protects message content, authenticates senders, verifies receivers and provides proof of delivery. Trusted messaging solutions provide this reassurance and allow you to exchange electronic mail confidentially.


  • Maximise Returns - Leverage the existing e-mail system without requiring additional hardware and software investment
  • Ensure Confidentiality and Trust - Ensure that messages stay private and allow the enterprise to reliably verify the identity of senders and recipients.
  • Reduce Costs - Give enterprise the confidence to utilise the Internet and reduce the cost associated with paper-based delivery methods-administration, tracking and courier and express delivery costs