:: Geo Trust SSL Certificates

GeoTrust offers a range of value-priced SSL Certificates with fast delivery. Choose the authentication method to maximize trust for your business: Extended Validation and full organization validation

Get low-cost SSL without sacrificing convenience, choice, or reliability. With GeoTrust you easily get the certificate you want at a price you like from a trusted security partner that makes your convenience our priority.

Geo Trust SSL Certificate
Features True BusinessID with EV True BusinessID True BusinessID Wildcard
Encryption Strength Up to 256-bit Up to 256-bit Up to 256-bit
Green Address Bar Yes - -
Extended Validation Yes - -
Full Organisation Authentication Yes Yes Yes
Warranty $ 500K USD $ 250K USD $ 125K USD
Dynamic Date/Time Site Seal Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support Yes Yes Yes
Free Reissues Yes Yes Yes
Universal Browser Compatibility Over 99% of browsers Over 99% of browsers Over 99% of browsers
UC/SAN multi-domain support Yes Yes -
Server Licenses per Certificate Unlimited ** Unlimited ** Unlimited **
12 Months
24 Months
36 Months
48 Months
  Yes No
Yes No
Yes No

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